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The history of law dates as far back as the rise of civilisation itself. From the humble beginnings in the Palaeolithic Era to the first formal discovery of a civil code with the Ancient Egyptians, where there lived a civil society, there was the rule of law that the people abided by. Arguably, the first ‘lawyers’ were the orators in Ancient Greece, hired as ‘friends’ to give advice in each case. One important rule hindered their profession – no man could take a fee to plead the case of another, so technically, these orators could never present or advertise themselves as ‘lawyers’. Fast forward to the current day, and luckily the expertise of a legal professional isn’t restricted to back alley meetings and secondary discussions during games of backgammon. For those seeking divorce or family lawyers in Brisbane, good help is easy to find.

A high level divorce and family law firm will specialise in a number of key areas. These services include those dealing with: children, property, divorce, domestic violence, de facto issues, child support, surrogacy, family law, and the offering of a second opinion.

Dealing in such sensitive issues as family law and child matters, can be one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences that a person will encounter. Every client has their own needs and it’s important to remember the distress of all parties involved. For this reason, the most beneficial goal is to finalise each case through the process of negotiation and mediation. In the event that this is not possible, experienced and dedicated advocates will be ready to argue your case in court.

A family lawyer in Brisbane is the answer for parents seeking orders to spend more time with their children, for couples in dispute over how to divide their assets and liabilities following a separation, for those needing assistance with how to divide their property, people looking to finalise applications for divorce, and those looking for second opinions on any of the aforementioned issues.

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How child Support is Determined

After a divorce, one of the most stressful parts of the separation is determining how money is going to be allocated to assist in raising any children that were had during a marriage. Because children don’t have much of a say in how money is distributed, it is up to the divorcing parties to seek legal counsel and determine how they are going to continue to raise their children.

Factors of Child Support Assessment

It probably goes without saying, but the factors and formulas that are used to determine how much each parent will end up paying for child support varies wildly between situations. Commonly though, there are three factors that are considered when assessing how much money will be paid by each parent.

  1. Parental Income – The income levels of both parents are assessed based on the amounts that each parent filed on their tax returns for the previous year. This income is used to determine how much a parent is capable of contributing after their basic living expenses are covered.
  2. Time – Depending on how much time each child spends with each parent will help determine how much money will be allocated by the courts. If a child spends more time with one parent than another, theoretically, more money will be spent on food and support by that parent than the other.
  3. Child Age – Finally, the child’s age is taken into consideration. If the child is still an infant, the costs of diapers and doctor’s visits may be more than that of a child who is nearing their teenage years. Depending on where the child is in their development will help determine how much money needs to be allocated for the services and requirements of those age groups.

Levels of Child Support

Child support comes in many different levels and depending on the financial situation of both the mother and father of the child, different amounts of money may be required from both parents. Using the factors listed above, courts and family law firms in Rockhampton are able to determine how much money is an appropriate amount for each parent to have to contribute each month to maintain the child’s life. Each level of child support is determined on a case by case basis and there is often no over-arching pay structure that can be looked at.

Child Support Services

One of the best decisions you can make during a divorce is to speak with a lawyer about child support services. A family law specialist in Rockhampton, such as the Simonidis and Steel law group, will help you determine how much you can expect to pay in child support services based on your current determining factors.

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How to Apply for more time Spent with your Child

If you’ve gone through a divorce, chances are you’re well aware of the complications that often come with trying to determine the property divisions and valuations, divorce proceedings, and child support issues that arise during the process. A divorce lawyer on the Gold Coast may have helped you through those proceedings, but it isn’t until after the mess of a divorce that some parents realise that they would like to spend more time with their children.

Apply for More Time With Your Child

Although the court may have decided how much time both you and the other parent of your child are entitled to spend with the chid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it is possible to apply for more time if you feel that the time you are currently getting isn’t enough.

While the process may seem simple enough on paper, it is wise that you hire someone who is experienced with family law on the Gold Coast. If you already have a qualified family lawyer who helped you with your divorce proceedings, they may be the safest place to go when trying to apply for more time with your child.

What is Considered

When you decide to apply to spend more time with your child, many factors are considered by the court to see if you qualify. Things such as time spent at work by the parent who currently has the child for the majority of the time, as well as factors to show that you’ve changed from the original determination by the court in regards to your qualifications as a parent.

The factors to determine how much time you should get as a parent differ from case to case and the lawyers at the Simsteel law group understand that not everyone’s cases are the same, which is why they provide personalised care to each and every case that they handle.

Seeking Legal Help

While the paperwork can be found online, it’s advised that you seek the help of a lawyer to help you navigate the process of applying for more time to spend with your child. It can be daunting to try and prove your case to a court independently, which is why a qualified family lawyer on the Gold Coast is your best bet when trying to win more time with your child.

As said earlier, cases and situations differ wildly, which is why a lawyer’s help is often the best step forward in placing a ‘more time with your child’ applications.

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Requirements for Filing for a Divorce

Contrary to popular belief, filing for a divorce isn’t as straight forward as it is made out to be on television. While the rich and famous can seemingly swap partners every few weeks, actually filing for a divorce can be a bit more difficult than that.

Divorce Requirements

There are two main requirements you must fulfil before filing for a divorce. They are in place to ensure that a divorce is actually the best course of action in your current situation and that marriage counselling or something similar is not enough to help save your marriage.

  1. First, you must deem your marriage unredeemable. While this term is vague, it means that your differences can’t be reconciled and that your opinions and views about certain matters are simply too different to be able to reach a common ground to maintain a healthy marriage.
  2. Secondly, you must have been living away from each other for a period of at least twelve months. This secondary requirement shows the court that you are committed to being divorced and that being separated is something that you’d like to follow through with. Because of this restriction, many couples end up reconciling their differences in the interim and don’t end up filing for a divorce after their one year separation period has elapsed.

Divorce Law in Gladstone

While it is possible to file divorce papers yourself, the proceedings of a divorce can often be tricky if the situation turns ugly. Divorce lawyers in Gladstone, such as the Simonidis Steel law group are qualified in the area of divorce and can not only advise you on matters regarding the divorce proceedings themselves, but also with property divisions that generally follow a separation.

Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

The question as to whether or not you should hire a divorce lawyer is often the first thing that comes to mind when you or your partner decide to get a divorce. The answer to the question often doesn’t come as quickly though. In some cases, a lawyer can act as an intermediary between you and your partner through a divorce, and in other cases a lawyer can advise you on what your next step in the divorce process should be. Generally, divorce is first completed in court by filing the official paperwork and is followed up a few weeks later with property division papers.

Depending on the urgency or particulars of your situation, legal counsel may be advised. Sit down for a consultation with a law firm, such as Simonidis Steel to see what it is they recommend not only in terms of the divorce itself, but also in the following steps after the divorce is completed.

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What a Protection Order Is

In short, protection orders are legal protections granted to someone who has been the victim of domestic violence. They are used to save an individual from further violence and to help them pursue legal action against their domestic abuser. While the process may appear simple on paper, seeking the help of a lawyer will help both expedite and smooth out the process of obtaining a protection order.

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any act of abusive behaviour towards a partner or spouse. It is not just limited to physical violence either. Mental and psychological violence is also very real and can also help qualify an individual for a protection order.

Protection Orders

Protection orders are filed in accordance with the Domestic and Family Violence Protection act and are sent through the Queensland Magistrates Court. Protection orders may be brought by the police or any other authorities on behalf of an individual who believes that they have become the victim of domestic violence and fear that the violence is going to continue.

Family Law Specialists in Mackay

If you would like to take the steps towards filing a protection order for yourself, the Simonidis Steel law firm are experts of family law in Mackay. They will assist you in determining the best course of action for your own safety and how you can serve a protection order without fear of more domestic violence.

In addition to serving protection orders, if you have been served with a protection order and would like to find out what it means, you may also be interested in the services of Simonidis Steel. Being served with a protection order could have many unforseen repercussions such as a loss of your job or something more severe. If you have recently been served with a protection order, it is advised that you seek legal help right away, as it is a serious matter that can generally only be resolved in courts.

Domestic violence is a serious matter, both for those being abused and for those who receive protection orders against them. Because protection orders are not typical legal proceedings, and because the party being abused is generally afraid to step forward and perform their legal obligations themselves, the help of a lawyer is often advised. A lawyer can help you not only navigate the paperwork involved with a protection order, but can also help you through the process of pressing charges against an abuser.

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Why I need a Family Lawyer?

Human beings are organised, on the very basic level, in families. It is through these that the full potential of the family members are nurtured and nourished. A strong family becomes the base for a stable and well-adjusted life.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with “the perfect life”. Domestic issues crop up every now and again. Many can be resolved painlessly, and the family adapts and moves on. However, some issues linger longer than mere family squabbles. Generally, these involve legal matters.

Divorce, if invoked, may be related to a plethora of issues such as spousal support, child support and custody, termination of parental rights, division of assets and liabilities, paternity, and the like. In such situations, a good family lawyer in Brisbane is invaluable.

Each family is unique, and the circumstances upon which a divorce (or separation) takes place can differ vastly from case to case. Chances are that good and experienced family lawyers have seen similar cases in their careers, thus, they should be able to provide the best advice on how to navigate the impending process, given the circumstances.

Moreover, a good family lawyer in Brisbane knows very well that family law is not a static entity. New laws come into play from time to time, which can affect the decisions that must be made. A wrong approach due to the lack of the appropriate knowledge base can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

In Australia, there are reports virtually every week stating that 2-3 children are taken illegally by a parent, and some of the cases involve the crossing of international borders. Australian law considers this international child abduction, and much thought is given to the deliberation of such a case. The Hague Convention, to which Australia subscribes, has established proceedings that must be fulfilled. Any family involved in a case such as this would require outstanding legal advice and support.

There are a number of family lawyers in the Brisbane area. Granted, lawyers don’t come cheap, and the good ones are less so. While some can afford private legal representation, others simply do not have the financial means for it. Fortunately, there are legal aid options available in the area for the latter group.

No matter what your financial standing, family disputes can be very painful and emotionally traumatic. It makes sense to have a family lawyer in Brisbane on whose solid, trustworthy advice one can rely.

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Signs of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious situation that involves two intimate partners, often in a marriage. The violence part of the term “domestic violence” is, in a legal sense, defined as a very broad term. It includes any type of physical or emotional violence that’s directed towards another individual in an attempt to dominate them. If you feel that you have been the victim of domestic violence, it’s best to contact the police and a lawyer right away.

Signs of Domestic Violence

The signs of domestic violence are broad and can often go unnoticed. This is because domestic violence isn’t always a type of physical abuse, but can instead be mental abuse as well. Verbal degradation can lead to depression and other signs of sadness that can be classified as domestic violence under the law. Other signs of domestic violence are things like visible bruising or scars left by acts of physical violence. Often times though, the wounds of a domestic violence incident will heal but the emotional toll will remain.

Do You need a Lawyer?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the situation that you find yourself in. If you have found a safe place to escape from the domestic violence you’re experiencing, you may be able to fill a protection order by yourself without the help of legal counsel, but if you’re unsure of what it is you’re doing and how best to proceed, the help of a lawyer may be welcomed. If you don’t know what it is you need to do to file a protection order or pursue pressing charges against your attacker, it is wise to speak with an attorney who can give you a preliminary plan of what it is your next steps should be.

Domestic Violence Services

If you are looking for a family lawyer in Townsville, you shouldn’t have any need to look further than the Simonidis Steel law group. They are an experienced group of family lawyers in Townsville who have been helping people in the area of domestic violence for over 10 years.

Not only can they assist in the area of domestic violence, but if you have had a protection order filed against you, it is wise to seek their legal help as well. They can advise you on what your next steps should be and how you can avoid the personal fallouts that generally come following a protection order.

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Legal Surrogacy Arrangements in Queensland

Surrogacy is when two parents who wish to have a child hire the help of a birth mother to have a child on the parents’ behalf and then transfer the legal ownership of the child to the parents wishing to have a child. Surrogacy is often used when parents are unable to have a child of their own.

Surrogacy Legality

Up until the 1st of June, 2010, all types of surrogacy in Queensland were deemed illegal. Following this date, surrogacy was made legal only under certain conditions. Surrogacy involving the payment of the surrogate mother is illegal in Queensland, with the only type of reimbursement allowed is to cover the costs the mother incurred while raising the child until birth. Any other forms of surrogacy, including, but not limited to, reimbursing the mother in some financial or material way other than to cover the costs of the birth mother are still illegal in Queensland.

Current Legal Surrogacy

The process of surrogacy is relatively straight forward. The idea is that after the mother’s costs have been covered, and the child is born, she signs over legal custody of the child to the new parents. The birth is registered with the centre for Births, Deaths, and Marriages under the new parents’ legal name and the guardianship of the child is passed onto the new parents.

Surrogacy Services

Because legal surrogacy is relatively new in Queensland, trying to navigate the process yourself may be tedious. Simonidis and Steel, a family law firm in Brisbane, have been in business for over 10 years and are well qualified in the area of surrogacy. They can help not only with the paperwork involved, but also with any questions either party may have, such as who will be in the delivery room when the child is delivered, and how the costs of the mother will be reimbursed.

Family law in Brisbane can often get complicated when talking about surrogacy. Because Queensland’s restrictions on the practice are numerous, being sure that you stay within the legal realms of a surrogacy is important to ensure that future problems don’t arise between the birth mother and the surrogate parents.

In general, before you decide to seek out the help of a surrogate mother, make sure that becoming a parent is something that you’re ready to do. Surrogacy is not something to be taken lightly and should only be considered if other options don’t pan out because of its legal complications.

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How a Lawyer Can Help you Through a Divorce

Divorce is generally never an easy thing to go through. Not only is the emotional toll difficult, there are also all of the legal issues that come up afterwards that have to be taken care of. Things like child care, the division of property, and even the divorce proceedings themselves can be difficult to understand. With the help of a qualified law firm, you can better navigate your way through the difficulties of legal proceedings and get on with your day to day life.

Filing for Divorce

Although divorce is often portrayed on television as an easy process, if you go into it unprepared, you could end up with a lot more work than you had originally bargained for.

Typically speaking, divorce procedures can often be completed by both parties without the need for help from a lawyer.

First, before you file for a divorce, you must be able to say that your marriage has broken down and deteriorated to an irreconcilable level. You must also have been living apart or away from your partner, for a period of at least twelve months.

Property Division

After a divorce has been filed and granted by a court, any divisions of property that you are wishing to have overseen by a court must be completed within twelve months of the divorce being finalised. Generally, it’s a good idea to file property division papers almost immediately after your divorce has been recognised by the court. This not only helps expedite the process of moving on from a divorce, but also ensures that your property division proceedings are completed within a timely manner.

Legal Help

Although most people can complete divorce paperwork without the help of a lawyer, in some cases the process may be much messier than either party anticipates. If necessary, it may be required that you seek the help of a lawyer to get through the proceedings for you. A divorce lawyer such as those at Simonidis Steel can help serve divorce papers to either party and can act as an intermediary between both parties.

If you are worried about how a divorce is going to go, it may be best to speak to a lawyer before making any moves yourself. Because the legal process of getting divorced and of dividing property can be difficult, having a lawyer to act as an intermediary between both parties can help make the process smoother and less painful for the parties involved.

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How to Affect a Property Adjustment

After a divorce or separation, figuring out the division of property can often be the most trying part of the entire process. Because both parties believe they are entitled to a certain amount of what was owned, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of a family lawyer in Brisbane to assist you in not only determining what your share should be, but also what you can expect to get if the situation ever makes its way to the courts.

The Four Step Process
The Simonidis Steel law firm is well versed in family law in Brisbane and how the courts determine the value of property as well as how to divide it among parties. Typically speaking, this process utilises four separate steps that work to provide a fair division of property for both parties involved.

  1. First, the court determines the value of all of the assets that are at stake as of the date of the hearing. Typically, only major items are considered in this process, as things like collectible coffee mugs and novelty items are generally not worth determining the value of.
  2. Next, it determines how much each party was contributing to the asset pool. That is, they determine the wages and purchasing power of both parties to see how much each person is entitled to in terms of the assets.
  3. The following step is the vaguest and is usually the reason people seek the help of a law firm to help them better construct their argument. The court considers any other information the parties can bring forth to see how much each is entitled to. (For Example: If one party needs a car to get to work each day, while the other party can easily take public transportation to their job, the court would generally award the car to the person who needs it more than the other.)
  4. Finally, the division of property occurs. The court decides what it believes to be a “fair and equitable” division of all of the property both parties own. This division can be appealed, but many times it’s easier to simply acknowledge the judgement of the court and move on, as appeals can sometimes take months to complete.

Simonidis Steel has a large and qualified team of accountants and tax attorneys who can run mock scenarios for you to see how much you’d be able to get from a property division in an actual courtroom. These rough sketches help provide more informative legal advice and better legal counsel to those needing assistance in a divorce or separation.

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