How to Apply for more time Spent with your Child

If you’ve gone through a divorce, chances are you’re well aware of the complications that often come with trying to determine the property divisions and valuations, divorce proceedings, and child support issues that arise during the process. A divorce lawyer on the Gold Coast may have helped you through those proceedings, but it isn’t until after the mess of a divorce that some parents realise that they would like to spend more time with their children.

Apply for More Time With Your Child

Although the court may have decided how much time both you and the other parent of your child are entitled to spend with the chid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it is possible to apply for more time if you feel that the time you are currently getting isn’t enough.

While the process may seem simple enough on paper, it is wise that you hire someone who is experienced with family law on the Gold Coast. If you already have a qualified family lawyer who helped you with your divorce proceedings, they may be the safest place to go when trying to apply for more time with your child.

What is Considered

When you decide to apply to spend more time with your child, many factors are considered by the court to see if you qualify. Things such as time spent at work by the parent who currently has the child for the majority of the time, as well as factors to show that you’ve changed from the original determination by the court in regards to your qualifications as a parent.

The factors to determine how much time you should get as a parent differ from case to case and the lawyers at the Simsteel law group understand that not everyone’s cases are the same, which is why they provide personalised care to each and every case that they handle.

Seeking Legal Help

While the paperwork can be found online, it’s advised that you seek the help of a lawyer to help you navigate the process of applying for more time to spend with your child. It can be daunting to try and prove your case to a court independently, which is why a qualified family lawyer on the Gold Coast is your best bet when trying to win more time with your child.

As said earlier, cases and situations differ wildly, which is why a lawyer’s help is often the best step forward in placing a ‘more time with your child’ applications.

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