Lawyers to Assist with Parenting Issues

Are you looking for a quality family law firm in Brisbane? Luckily, you won’t have to look any further than the services of Simsteel Lawyers to take care of whatever family issues you’re having.

Parenting Issues
One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in a divorce or in family feuds in general is how the children are going to be handled.
In the case of a divorce, the Simsteel law firm is capable of determining how a child’s time will be spent between parents following a separation. Also, depending on financial situations, they will also be able to assist in determining how much support money is paid by one parent to another.

If one parent tries to take a child out of the country without the other’s knowledge, airport alerts can be issued and upheld by the Simsteel law team. Airport alerts are sent out in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police and are designed to ensure that if a child tries to leave the country, they are stopped and kept within the Australian commonwealth.

If you believe that a child is being abused in their current household or that one parent is abusing a child after a separation, action can be taken to return the child to a safe home or be put in the custody of a more qualified parenting figure.

If you are a concerned party who is not the immediate family of the child, such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle, and feel that the child would be better kept under your care as opposed to under the care of the current parents, you can file a claim with the help of the SimSteel law firm to either gain custody of the child in question or find a better home for them.
The services offered by the Simsteel group are vast, and all concerns that you have regarding the well being of a child can be handled. Although many cases are handled outside of the courtroom, the Simsteel law firm is well trained in the courtroom and is more than capable of taking any disputes that can’t be resolved between individuals all the way through the courts.

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