What a Protection Order Is

In short, protection orders are legal protections granted to someone who has been the victim of domestic violence. They are used to save an individual from further violence and to help them pursue legal action against their domestic abuser. While the process may appear simple on paper, seeking the help of a lawyer will help both expedite and smooth out the process of obtaining a protection order.

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any act of abusive behaviour towards a partner or spouse. It is not just limited to physical violence either. Mental and psychological violence is also very real and can also help qualify an individual for a protection order.

Protection Orders

Protection orders are filed in accordance with the Domestic and Family Violence Protection act and are sent through the Queensland Magistrates Court. Protection orders may be brought by the police or any other authorities on behalf of an individual who believes that they have become the victim of domestic violence and fear that the violence is going to continue.

Family Law Specialists in Mackay

If you would like to take the steps towards filing a protection order for yourself, the Simonidis Steel law firm are experts of family law in Mackay. They will assist you in determining the best course of action for your own safety and how you can serve a protection order without fear of more domestic violence.

In addition to serving protection orders, if you have been served with a protection order and would like to find out what it means, you may also be interested in the services of Simonidis Steel. Being served with a protection order could have many unforseen repercussions such as a loss of your job or something more severe. If you have recently been served with a protection order, it is advised that you seek legal help right away, as it is a serious matter that can generally only be resolved in courts.

Domestic violence is a serious matter, both for those being abused and for those who receive protection orders against them. Because protection orders are not typical legal proceedings, and because the party being abused is generally afraid to step forward and perform their legal obligations themselves, the help of a lawyer is often advised. A lawyer can help you not only navigate the paperwork involved with a protection order, but can also help you through the process of pressing charges against an abuser.

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