Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence may apply for a Protection Order pursuant to the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 1989 (Qld) (the Act). The Application is made to the Queensland Magistrates Court.

The definition of ‘domestic violence’ in the Act is very broad and is not limited to simply acts of physical violence.

Applications for Protection Orders may be brought by the Police, or by any individual who feels they have been the victim of domestic violence and who fears that there will be a further incidence of domestic violence.

Our firm is able to assist parties in obtaining a Protection Order including representation in Court.

Our firm is also able to advise parties when a Protection Order, or Protection Order Application, is brought against them. It is very important to recognise that the making of a Protection Order may adversely affect some individuals in numerous ways, including in their employment, and it is for this reason that we encourage anyone who has been served with a Protection Order Application to seek legal advice as soon as possible.