Property Settlement

The team at Simonidis Steel Lawyers are experienced in all aspects of family law property matters. We strive to obtain the best outcome for all our clients.

We are able to negotiate favourable outcomes in many of our cases without the need for drawn out Court proceedings. However, should your matter end in litigation in the Court then Deano Simonidis and Luke Steel are skilled advocates who are capable of effectively presenting and arguing your case in Court.

When advising clients in relation to property proceedings, we adopt the same process as the Court would if it were asked to make a determination. Broadly speaking, when determining how to effect a property adjustment, the Court follows a four step process:

1. It values the net assets of the parties at the date of any hearing.

2. It assesses the contributions of the parties.

3. The Court then considers whether or not any adjustment is to be made to the parties respective entitlements by considering a wide range of various matters relating to the future needs of each of the parties.

4. Upon the conclusion of an examination of all of these factors, the Court will determine what it considers to be a ‘fair and equitable’ division of the property interests of the parties.

Our firm utilises an experienced network of forensic accountants, tax specialists, and financial planning specialists who are able to offer advice as to the likely effect of various property adjustment scenarios from a taxation, and financial planning perspective. This enables our clients to be provided with the ‘complete picture’ when we advise them.